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madhya vitaran
Our Vision, Mission & Values
To rank amongst the best ten power distribution companies in India by the here to know more
Customer Services
MPPKVVCL also have the customer care facilities to serve you in a better here to know more
View & Pay Energy Bill for LT
MPPKVVCL offers you a facility for online bill payment, for ease of customer . click to know more
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Latest News,Updates & Events

Schedule of Rates (SoR), 16.05.2016 

>Uniform SoR for the year 2016-17; click to know more

Public Notice Petition no. 40/2016 Dated-04.11.2016 

>Annual Revenue Requirenment & Net Revenue Gap during FY 2013-14; click to know more

IncomeTax Assessment 

>IncomeTax Assessment Proforma FY-2016-17 AND Circular; click to know more

Budget FY 2016-17 

>Annual O&M budget & Revised Allocation Qtr-I, FY 2016-17; click to know more

Tariff 2016-17 Launched 

>Tariff document for FY 2016-17; click to know more

Schedule of Rates (SoR), 05.02.2016 

>Uniform SoR for the year 2015-16 Part A; click to know more

Pre-Bid MBC Meeting, 14.09.2015 

>Meeting Notice & Presentation; click to know more

Supplier Registration Form. 

>Supplier Registration Form; click to know more

Imperative use of Unicode(Mangal) for all office correspondence & activities. 

>Letter No.9764, dated 06.06.2014; click to know more

Latest Tenders 

>Tender information for FY 2014-2015; click to know more

Tariff Details 

>Tariff document for FY 2012-13 to FY 2014-15; click to know more

True-Up Petition for FY 2013-14 

>True-Up Petition for FY 2013-14; click to know more

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