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Company initiative- ERP

1. The West and East Discoms have been using information and communication technology (ICT) tools deployed for Consumer Bill Generation System, Financial Accounting System, Stores Management System and Payroll System where data is fed mostly in batch mode and reports are generated. However, these systems are being used within departments and are working in isolation within the departments. In other departments, the staffs continue to operate in manual environment. Therefore considerable time & effort being devoted by the companies’ officers and staff in transfer and reconciliation and in documentation.

2. In the recent past, MPPKVVCL, Indore and MPPKVVCL, Jabalpur has also adopted the Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) of Government of India. The modules being implemented under this programme include Consumer Metering, Billing & Collection, Geographical Information System (GIS) based asset and consumer mapping and tracking system as well as Energy Audit Management, New Connection/ Disconnection Management, Call Centre based Customer Care Services, Web Self Service, etc. These will help the companies leapfrog from the present manual processes to system based processes. It is therefore important for MPPKVVCL, Indore and MPPKVVCL, Jabalpur to ensure that back office functions such as finance, procurement, stores, human resource management, etc. are also brought under similar transaction based system, so as to be able to harness the efficiency gains in full. This is also critical given that the companies will be expanding at an average of 10% per annum without proportionate increase in manpower. The managements of the respective companies have therefore focussed on implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, keeping in mind the benefits of the same..

3. The purpose of this ERP project is to implement a state-of-the-art integrated application system so as to be able to carry out the tasks in the Projects, Procurement, Stores, Human Resources and Finance Department in a more streamlined manner.

4.Objective of implementing the ERP System:- The primary objective of implementing the ERP system is to deploy state of the art Information Technology across West and East Discoms for the purpose of positioning the companies as efficient, competitive and dynamic organizations. The system objectives are to:(i) Ensure the Accuracy, Completeness and Consistency of Business Transactions(ii) Integrate the operations of the various business processes by integrating the flow of information(iii) Enable managements to respond quickly to market changes with informed decisions based on timely and accurate information(iv) Establish best business process/practices

Technology objectives include using Information Technology that is:

(i) State-of-the-Art, well proven and well supported in India

(ii) Adaptable, Flexible, Customizable, Easy-to-use, Extendable and scalable

(iii) Secure, Cost effective, maintainable and reliable.

It is expected that upon implementation, the system will establish proper information flow to help managers at all levels to take informed decisions with the objective of improving response time, reduction in project completion cycle, efficiency of resource utilization, overall improvement of productivity, better financial and cost management. The implementation will result in increased customer satisfaction, better financial results, transparency & consistency in business operations and processes.

Present Status:- Tender process for SI Partner for ERP implementation has been completed and after getting required approvals contract award will be signed shortly.

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