This project essentially covers the application of information technology in distribution utilities across the country. The scheme shall involve implementation of IT modules for data acquisition, new connections/disconnection, energy accounting & audit, network analysis management, Maintenance management, Asset management, MIS, metering, billing, collection etc. The program also encompasses implementation of SCADA/DMS, GIS based Consumer Indexing & Asset mapping etc. This entire exercise is being aimed to establish Base line Data collection system for the distribution of utilities through which they are able to capture AT&C losses in a precise manner without manual intervention and also to plan & implement corrective measures in Part B

RAPDRP-A is a key initiative in West DISCOM to computerize various business processes of the company. This will be a large program going to impact the day to day business of Discom.

This project intends to cover the following activities, services and works in respect of successful set up of IT infrastructure for collection of baseline data for energy and revenue of the identified scheme areas (town) and setting up of customer care center in the towns along with supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all necessary hardware, software.

The scope covers setting up of IT infrastructure at data center & DR Center call centers and other offices of utility, which would form the platform for subsequent automation. This activity shall comprise fulfillment of the following tasks

(a) Establishment of data center & Disaster Recovery center at identified location
(b) Establishment of customer care centers at identified location
(c) Set up the Local Area Network and Wide Area Network
(d) Procurement & Installation of PCs, Servers, and associated hardware
(e) Creation of necessary IT infrastructure including LAN for identified Subdivision,division,Circle,Headquarter offices, Data centers, DR Centre and Customer care centers
(f) Integration of the entire IT infrastructure under the scope of this document as well as legacy systems if any.

This project comprises two parts i.e. R-APDRAP (Part A) & R-APDRAP (Part B):-

1. Part-A : Essentially Required by most Utilities for setting up an IT backbone for collection of baseline data, Energy Accounting / Auditing and establishment of Customer care centers

Module: Meter Data Acquisition Module: Energy Audit Module: New Connection Module: Disconnection & Dismantling Module: GIS based customer indexing and asset mapping Module: GIS based integrated network analysis module Module: Centralized Customer Care Services Module: Management Information System (MIS) Module: Web Self Service Module: Identity and Access Management system Module: System Security Requirement

2. Part-B : Requirement based implementation of Commercial Processes like M, B, C for Utilities, who do not have such IT

Enabled systems Development of Commercial Database of Consumers
Module: Metering
Module: Billing
Module: Collections

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RAPDRP - Post Go Live Report (July-2016)

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